Tip Top Tailors, Stone Road Mall

Saturday, April 7

Tip Top Tailors, Stone Road Mall

While tailors in Asia are common there are no branded tailor shops so it is nice to see that in Guelph they have the Tip Top Tailors stores. I went in and some great service with some amazing low prices, actually the prices of pants and shirts are cheaper then in Singapore. I think this is due to the volume aspect combined with the lack of greed as the quality is the same if not better.

Tip Top Tailors in the Stone Road Mall is a good sized store and has a lot of options. It even rents tuxes but on my visit I just picked up some new shirts and a nice heavy woven long sleeve top. Cost wise I paid only $20 a shirt and the sales lady was helpful enough that she steamed my shirts and then gave them to me in a shirt bag with hangers. I will be happy to shop there again and recommend to others check them out next time you are looking for a new shirt or pants.


Anonymous said...

If you're not afraid of dropping some coin Profile Menswear on Wyndham is pretty sweet and very helpful. They should for the prices :)
Check them out when they have a sale real good prices, top quality clothes.

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