Apartment/House Hunting in Guelph

Saturday, April 7

Apartment/House Hunting in Guelph

This weekend I started seeing places for rent but had no luck so far. I did find a nice place was on 13 acres of land and was a very nice house. Would have loved to call it home but the strangest problem it was a little out of the city and it doesn’t get mobile phone coverage. I guess it was just a little too much into the country area and without cell phone coverage it wasn’t something I could accept.

I am also having a tough time finding a place due to the abundance of student style housing. One place I saw was very run down and I felt bad as the house itself could be such a nice place if the landlord actually kept up the place.

If anyone reading this has/knows of a place in Guelph either a detached house or nice apartment please let me know. I have a few requirements the only one worth mentioning is that it needs to have underground parking or an attached garage. Also ideally I like to have a nice apartment but if there are no executive style apartments then a nice detached house is my backup plan.

Wish me luck on finding a place as it has been a week in the hotel and I am looking forward to moving out into a real home.


BWC said...

There are a number of nice new condos and houses here in Guelph. The only problem is that they are all alike. Do you really want to accidently pull into your neighbor's driveway because you cannot recognize your own place? I am sure you will find something. I'm not sure if they have all been sold, but there are about six brand new condos with garages on Waterloo Street that are very attractive. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully the best of weather soon.

Anonymous said...

...And Happy Easter :)

Sean Richardson said...

Actually, you came to Guelph at just the right time to get the pick of the best choice of rental housing of all sorts. Not all of the students live in poorly maintained housing, and many of those who live in the better places have other places to be from May to Sept, or are leaving town for good having graduated ... and the landlords prefer 12 month leases. Subletting or taking over a lease at a quality house or apartment in the city through August should be no problem, and either gives you the option of moving somewhere better for you by the time the bulk of the students return for the fall, or continuing a lease for another year.

Steve said...

Check out the new Condos by the Guelph Youth Music Centre on Cardigan St.


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