White Sandy Beaches in Guelph

Thursday, April 5

White Sandy Beaches in Guelph

Today I awoke to what for the last few years is normally a good thing, white substance on the round outside of my hotel room. But unlike in Asia this wasn’t nice white sand it was cold, cold snow. So much for my hopes in avoiding snow till this coming winter and they say that the snow might stay around for the next week or so, darn that trip to Florida is looking better.

For all you in Singapore you can play spot the Google with the photo of my X5 and for the rest of you spot the Google was something that my co-workers used to do with my photos as a lot of my photos seem to have a Google logo in them.

To get an idea of how cold it was in Guelph, the door to my X5 once opened didn’t want to close and when I finally did get it closed it refused to open again. This meant me climbing out the passenger side door, but luckily in the afternoon the ice melted enough that I could open and close my doors. But as I type this I can feel the coldness in my fingers, it doesn’t feel good and about now I am really missing the warm lifestyle in Asia.

Tonight I am off to a night out with people from work so should be interesting to meet more of the fellow staff. Will let you know how that all goes later on this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I dont like the snow. It makes me sad. I was working at my beer store today and it was almost a blizzard outside. O.o I stood on my till today from 10 until 4:30 and didn't move. ....

Snow is cold.

Anonymous said...

Hi The Guelph Man,

It's good that I can learn your story from this blog. I wish I could be there as I am very very far away.

A little girl in south East Asia

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Its the car plate... so what kinda lucky are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the snow sure is coming down now. I'm from North Carolina and I have lived in Guelph for two and a half years now, but I still get happy when it snows. It covers up all of the mud that we had last week. Actually, last week there was a beautiful day! I spent a few hours laying out and got some sun. Crazy weather, eh? Anyways, neat blog, keep it up. I have never written nor read a blog, so I just had to comment.

Anonymous said...

So far, so good, huh? Looking forward to your (triumphal) return to S'pore in May.

Hey...did you see "Grindhouse" yet? Curious to get your feedback.


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