Swiss Chalet in Guelph

Wednesday, April 25

Swiss Chalet in Guelph

Many of you are asking me what I am eating since I have been back in Canada and while I not getting out for dinners at restaurants I am staying away from Mc Donald’s and opting for Swiss Chalet delivery.

Swiss Chalet has some great chicken and even has porgies. I order the porgies, chicken sandwich and an apple pie for dessert. While kind of costly it is at least a really nice dinner and it defiantly is better then some fast food option.

Amazingly ordering Swiss Chalet is really easy and they have an interesting system. You can visit their website at and order online or call their 800 number either way they guarantee that you order will arrive in less then 1 hour or its free. I don’t know if even the pizza companies offer this guarantee anymore, so it is nice to see that you can get a great meal and get it rather quickly. For me I try to call while I driving home from work which times everything nicely.

But I am really looking forward to when I am living downtown and have access to a lot of nice restaurants and can further stay away from the fast food diet.


Travel Search said...

"your order will arrive in less then 1 hour or its free." That's a nice guarantee, too bad we don't have that in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Ever try cooking for yourself?

Anonymous said...

"Porgies" are a fish not usually found in Guelph.

Swiss Chalet serves "perogies."

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