Atmosphere Cafe

Wednesday, April 25

Atmosphere Cafe

While I have not gotten a chance to get out for many dinners I have made it to the Atmosphere Cafe in Guelph and have to say the food was really wonderful. For an entree I ordered the Pear Salad which was my first time having a pear salad and I was presently surprised, while it is not a garden salad the pears really add a nice flavor.

For a main course I had the Pacific Salmon and I have to say that this is worth coming to eat at the Atmosphere Cafe. The piece of salmon was large and was atop of a nice array of fresh vegetables and everything was cooked just right, the vegetables where still crisps and the salmon nice and flakey.

If these items don’t interest you the Atmosphere Cafe has a great website ( ) that have there menus online so you can get a great idea of the other items they serve and I can say that your are going to enjoy which ever item you select. My friends who joined me for dinner had the pizza and they really enjoyed that but for me I prefer to have a meal over pizza when I am in nice restaurant like this. But the pizza still is very gourmet and just as enjoyable.

If you want some more opinions of the Atmosphere Cafe there is a great website that offers up Guelph restaurant reviews at


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the restaurant suggestion. I am also about to move to downtown Guelph and will be sure to give it a try. Welcome to Guelph.

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