First Payday

Monday, April 23

First Payday

I have been working in Guelph now for 3 weeks, even had my first payday and so far it has been really eventful and fun. But a lot of changes are happening considering I was hired to be an "advisor" to the team and now I have 13 people reporting into me you can get the general idea of the restructuring within the company. But for you over at GS in Singapore the grass isn’t all that greener as even here I don't get an office, guess that gives me something to work towards.

My new team is not as experienced as some but they are all really eager to learn, plus there are a couple people within the team that do have some experience and hoping they can help in my mentoring of the rest. Also in the coming months, maybe even weeks I hope that I can further grow the team even more. So if anyone reading this blog is interested in doing SEO in Guelph send an email to me and I will put you in touch with HR.

Other then work, life in Guelph is getting better along with the weather. Last weekend I went out to a Stag and Doe (my first) and it was a lot of fun to see a bunch of laid back Canadians having fun. Really looking forward to moving into my place in May and I have found myself a Sofa, dinning room table and some kitchen items just wish I could move in sooner.

As for my plans for heading to SES China I haven’t gotten clearance on things yet, but have my first meeting with the CEO on Thursday so will bring that up then to see what his thoughts are as its getting close and I really like to know when I would be back in Asia. Wish me luck with the meeting with the CEO, don’t think I will need it as he sounds like a good guy, but still thanks for the good thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,
very interesting to learn about
all your travels.
Hey, if you want to move to Florida just outside of Tallahassee or have friends who want to go to FSU, please pass it on...I have a nice place for sale ..reasonable..thank you.

Unknown said...

Hey Stephen!
My name's Christie and I work @ Geosign with you, I'm in Ecomm. My mom also has a kitchen store here in Guelph, Thyme to Cook, where I work some weekends. You should come in when I'm working, introduce yourself and I'll even give you a discount. I have a website too, It's my first website ever, so it's not top notch, but it does give some info.
I enjoy your blog and I hope that you are enjoying your transition.
Thanks Stephen:)

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