Thanks to My Guelph Readers

Thursday, April 19

Thanks to My Guelph Readers

Want say "thank you" to all my Guelph readers who took the time to email me or leave me a comment on my question on where to live as it really helped me out. Without your feedback I could have easily taken the apartment on Willow Road and while it would have been a home by the sounds of things it wouldn't have been the most suitable place to call home.

So I happy to say that today everything was confirmed and I will be moving into downtown Guelph starting in May. It feels nice to know where I will be calling home and now I get the fun part of designing my apartment. I promise to post some photos of my place when it is finished as well as some of the amazing view from my unit, as I overlook the entire downtown. I will have to talk to Kev over at GuelphCam to see if we can setup a downtown webcamera.

Work has been going great, while busy and complex its nice as things are really coming together. I will post more shortly on work but for now its after midnight and I have an early morning meeting. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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