GuelphCAM -

Saturday, March 17

GuelphCAM -

This is one of the websites based in Guelph that I usually visit everyday. I find the live stream of video and the still photos really entertaining and it really gives me a good idea on the weather conditions in Guelph.

Kev the website owner really looks after his cams as they’re never down and that’s something rare in the webcam business, but his consistent uptime is probably due to his understanding of computers and system administration.

I really look forward to meeting up with Kev when I arrive in Guelph and hope that I can get myself a nice enough view and add on to his website with some more camera angles.

GuelphCam is a great if you would like to get an idea on Guelph’s weather or if you are just looking to waste a few hours watching the cars.

If anyone else has a Guelph web camera please add a comment here and I will be sure to review it and add a link to your website.

Visit GuelphCAM at


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