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Saturday, March 17

Blog Guelph -

Sue Richards over at Blog Guelph has really been busy over the last year posting hundreds of posts and photos related to Guelph. While the navigation is a little hard you will find enough great photos and content right on the homepage.

I really think Sue should start putting some of her stuff on Getty Images as some of the photos she have really give a nice showcase of Guelph. Maybe in future years she'll add a Guelph calendar in addition to her "Breasts of Canada" calendar.

One of my favorite photos from Blog Guelph is this one. It looks so peacefull and really reminds me the value of actually having seasons. When I look at this photo I can just imagine in spring the leaves budding, summer with the trees in full color and then in fall when the leafs are falling to the ground. Its going to be so nice to have seasons again.

If you are looking for some great photos from Guelph I highly recommend taking a look at Blog Guelph.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Guelph Stephen, you're sure to love it here. I was born and raised in Guelph but I have since relocated to Alberta (in the middle of nowhere!) but every time I come home I remember why I tell everyone it is by far my most favourite city. Best of luck to you and enjoy.

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