Hampton Inn & Suites Guelph

Thursday, March 15

Hampton Inn & Suites Guelph

The Hampton Inn & Suites Guelph (operated by the Hilton chain) is where I will call home for my first month of life in Guelph. I called several of the hotels in Guelph and ended up selecting this hotel as not only was Naushad Ismail the general manager very personable he was also very persistent. In the end I went with the two room suite as I didn’t feel like being stuck to a single room for a month.

Some of the other hotels I considered where the Travel Lodge Inn & Suites, while the rate was a lot better they seem to have less of a business theme and their location I was told by others is above a local pub, but I can’t confirm that.

Another two hotels I considered where the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, yup that’s right they have both in this small city and it confused me as when the don’t seem to share much information between the two. But I will say that the Holiday Inn has one thing that the Hampton Inn & Suites is missing and that would be a restaurant on site.

While all the hotels offer free breakfast and free Internet access the only one to have a restaurant on site is the Holiday Inn, but Mr. Ismail from the Hampton Inn & Suites assured me that there were plenty of great restaurants beside their hotel and some offer delivery, which I guess can be as good as room service. I often forget about delivery as in Asia it is very uncommon to have any nice actually cooked food delivered so while I travel in Asia I really rely on room service.

As for the Hampton Inn & Suites in Guelph they are located at 725 Imperial Road North, please don’t rely on the current Google Maps data for this hotel as for some reason this hotel is coming up as being located at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites address. This might be due to the fact that the same owner operates both properties and someone made a mistake or that someone has gone and spammed Google Maps, but either way I am sure I can help them correct this problem over the next month.

The Hampton Inn & Suites has both suites and normal rooms, with some of their rooms having nice whirlpool tubs, too bad my room doesn’t. Also all rooms have a fridge, microwave and sink to make longer stays easier. A nice touch of style in the rooms is the use of large LCD TVs, which gives the room more space and at the same time gives is a very fresh/new feeling.

I have attached actual photos of the rooms and once I check in I will update this post with more relevant information. If you would like more information on the Hampton Inn & Suites Guelph you can visit their official homepage here.

It is only 16 more days and I will be officially starting my life in Guelph, I really need to start packing...


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