My Little Mark in History

Thursday, October 25

My Little Mark in History

While I might never start a big enough company to get my company name on an arena or become politically powerful enough to get someone to name a park after me, I am happy to officially announce that I have been included in the history of Superman.

In the most recent Superman novel The Lasts Days of Krypton the writer Kevin J. Anderson has included me “No-Ton” as one of the characters. I knew he was writing me in to be the scientist who takes over Jor-El (Superman’s father) scientific work when he was removed from his role in the government, but had no idea what my role would all become.

It was nice to be included in this story and thought I would be just a random character with a couple lines in book. So I was very surprised to read the book and see my character go on to be so important.

Not to spoil too much of this really great book, but my character not only helps prevent part of the war he also becomes one of the 11 counsel members of Krypton. The final act of my character is to build the ship that carries Kal-El (Superman) away from Krypton and on his way to become Superman on earth.

Now won’t be on any of the book tours or anything other then keeping the signed copy from Kevin nicely tucked away and hoping that enough people buy and like the book that they make a movie based on the book. Then maybe I’ll be able to play my character in the movie hahaha ok well maybe Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt can handle that.

Anyways it is along ways away from becoming a movie but to try and get there go to and buy yourself a copy of The Last Days of Krypton.


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