Beaverdale Golf Course Guelph

Tuesday, September 25

Beaverdale Golf Course Guelph

Sometimes working hard means playing hard and this last week a group of us from the office got together and played a nice round of golf at the Beaverdale Golf Course in Guelph. While I am not a big golfer I do love "driving" those golf carts.

Considering its fall and I swear it is going to snow almost any day means when you can still wear a lite jacket and be warm is a good day, so while it rained a little for the most part it was just nice, not to hot and not to cold.

Even though I am not a great golfer I did manage to set some type of team record, as I managed to lose a couple dozen balls, luckily the balls where free and luckily none where lost to windshields on hole #9. Needless to say I've recommended glow in the dark mini golf for our next golf outing, hopefully I won't lose as many balls on a mini golf course.

I recommend the course to others, while none of the holes where really interesting in terms of layouts its still nice, cheap and close to Guelph so great for a afternoon out with friends. Check out their website here:


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