First Day Working in Guelph

Monday, April 2

First Day Working in Guelph

Very happy to report that I had a great first day and my fellow co-workers turning out to be even more enjoyable then I had hoped. Funny thing was a couple of the staff members are readers of my blog and my cubical buddy Steve is also a blogger, he runs Angry in the Great White North.

Today along with me there where 11 new people joining the company, which even included an ex-NHL player who will be heading the website development. It looks like the company is growing very quickly, so much so that the parking lots can’t handle all the cars and they have to run mini-shuttle buses to the offices from larger parking lots.

I spent some of my day trying to setup my computer and desk, its fun to have a desk and co-workers again. For a computer they gave me an IBM T60, while it is really heavy it does have an amazing 15.4-inch widescreen and it makes my x60 look like a pocket pc. A nice surprise is they’ll be giving a company Blackberry phone for me to use, which is nice as I miss having Internet access on the go.

Still having a tough time with the time change and I didn’t get a good sleep last night but I hoping tonight I get a full nights sleep, wish me luck. This weekend I checked and there aren’t any Club Meds in Cuba so while it is possible to go, I will wait to go to Cuba when I have someone to go with me. So this weekend I will maybe get a chance to see a few apartments and also get some more shopping in as it will be another 6 weeks till the rest of my bags arrive and I released I forgot to pack enough shirts.


Anonymous said...

You work with a friend of mine. He is a sketchy looking fella who goes by the name Jon and is in the programming department.

Kidding of course on the sketchy part. Look for the smartest guy in the room and you will find Jon. I would post his last name but he might object on a public site.

Anonymous said...

What's it like working at GeoSign? Does it pay well? And what do you do?

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