fido kiosk, Stone Road Mall

Monday, April 2

fido kiosk, Stone Road Mall

I was really happy to find out that Guelph has GSM service from fido as I really don’t like using CDMA technology. To find a fido I figured my best bet was to head to the Stone Road Mall and sure enough I found a fido kiosk in the mall, but before that I did go into a Rogers store and wow that was painful.

The gentleman at Rogers was very anti pre-paid service and he refused to give me details on the plans and simply said if I wanted that I could go to Wal-Mart or some other location as they only have time to deal with people that are looking for monthly contracts. So I was really glad when I found the fido kiosk as fido is known for good service along with a good pre-paid program.

So thanks to Paul the fido staff member who helped answer my questions and get my new fido phone number setup. He even took the time to ensure that I got a nice vanity type phone number, which is great as I always enjoy having a number that is somewhat unique. If you want me local number best just email me and I’ll send you out my number.

While in Canada they do have GSM service they don’t have 3G service add to that fido doesn’t have unlimited data plans and you will understand that mobile search is really in the early days here. I really hope in the coming years they update to 3G service and get better data plans as I really like being able to access the Internet on demand.

Well if you are looking for a good cell phone provider I highly recommend fido as not only do they have good network coverage they also have great customer service.


Takhys said...

The Rogers people in the mall are incredibly rude and really don't know their stuff. However, the ones across from the mall in the Rogers Video store have never been anything but excellent with me.

Fido isn't bad - good billing, good reception (even on campus) but they're not great for someone who rarely uses their phone.

Anyway, welcome to Guelph!

Anonymous said...

I have never used Fido but I can attest to how horrible the rogers people in the mall are.

I would also like to find a data package for my pocket pc that doesnt leave a big hole in my pocket.

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