Singapore Freight/Cargo/Moving Companies

Thursday, March 22

Singapore Freight/Cargo/Moving Companies

Attn: Singapore Expats:
If anyone is thinking about trying to airfreight things from Singapore a general warning out to you about the local freight/cargo/moving companies as they will do almost anything to not handle a personal move.

They seem to be only interested in corporate relocation where they can charge an insane amount of money, some even simply said no we’re not interested in a personal move and hung up the phone. This is what you get when you have ultra greedy and ultra lazy individuals running companies.

I actually had my best luck and pricing dealing with a moving company out of the UK called London Baggage, which then subcontracts back into Singapore, the price was 27% to 52% less then the local companies, out of those that bothered to price the move. London Baggage is worth a check and they even provide a local toll free number for Singapore.


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