Last Weekend in Asia

Thursday, March 22

Last Weekend in Asia

After nearly 6 years of weekend fun around Asia this weekend will be my last one as a resident of Asia. So I am heading off to the Philippines to see my buddy Marc and spend some time on a beach, as something tells me the only thing white under my feet in the near future will be snow.

Have to say sorry to my Thailand friends as while it would have been great to spend a few days together again, I still haven’t finished packing and this trip to the Philippines is long overdue. I’ll see all you in Thailand in May as I will swing by on my way to SES China.

Oh some public shame being sent to Troy over in Thailand as dude for a guy that doesn’t have a “job” you work more then Marc and I combined. So while we are on the beach catching sun I hope your hard drive crashes. Ok no I don’t as that would be bad, but hope you can get that Mac project finished and looking forward to seeing you in Guelph later this year.

Philippines will be great as I need a break, for me as all I seem to be doing here in Singapore is packing, eating and sleeping. This move has really been tough as it was a little rushed but it will mean once I land life will seem a lot more stable and smoother.

Well I am off to get on my plane, blog with you later.


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