Enjoying the Weekends at Yuk Yuks

Tuesday, September 18

Enjoying the Weekends at Yuk Yuks

While not in Guelph, I do highly recommend heading into Kitchener on a Friday or Saturday evening for some good healthy fun at Yuk Yuk's http://www.yukyuks.com . I’ve managed to get to Yuk Yuk's a couple times this month with friends from work and we’ve all had a great time.

While Guelph is a great city and am loving living downtown, I am very surprised how different Kitchener seems. While maybe its because I don’t spend much time there but the downtown seems very different, a little less clean, little less safe and well for the most part really not like a downtown with a lot of great culture. Maybe some of my readers from the area have different opinions?

Like Kitchener or not Yuk Yuk's is well worth going into Kitchener for and if you get to Yuk Yuk's say hi to the person beside you maybe it will be me :)


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