Canada Day in Halifax

Monday, July 2

Canada Day in Halifax

Business took me up to Halifax on the Friday before Canada Day and I decided to stay till the Monday and celebrate Canada Day in Halifax along with some friends from Genie Knows.

I came into Halifax to talk some business with Genie Knows as well as celebrate the launch their vertical search engine for the gaming industry . The business talks went great and the evening of celebrations even better.

Spending a couple days walking around and doing touristy things in Halifax was enough to get a good sense of the city. It has a lot of history and a lot of culture but is small, which is a good thing if you are ok with not much to do other then bars after 10pm.

On Canada Day I went to the home of the founders of Genie Knows and spent it with their family, it was a really amazing time. They are such nice people that you feel like your part of the family and for me it was the best Canada Day I can remember for a long long time, well it also was my first Canada Day in 7 years.

I did enjoy Halifax, recommend staying at the Westin, great location and rates, but you need to get a harbor view room. The Marriott was also nice, closer to things and the casino but the rates jumped and they actually didn’t have room for me and my colleagues. Although I did enjoy Halifax I took an earlier flight back to Toronto/Guelph as after you’ve walked the downtown/harbor area for 3 days straight there isn’t much new to see.

So I am back in Guelph, just getting ready for another blitz of a week, just looking forward to the middle of the month as will be going camping with some colleagues from work and for me camping is always an amazing time.


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