Back to Seattle for SES Travel

Sunday, July 29

Back to Seattle for SES Travel

Since one of the projects I am working on involves the travel industry this week I came out to Seattle for SES Travel. The event was good, met with Expedia, the Yahoo! travel team and several other companies that will help this project grow. I will publicly disclose the project shortly, so stay tuned for that.

On this trip to Seattle I managed to get to Boeings factory and did a tour it was really interesting to see how they build 747’s and see the insides of one of these planes without all the airline additions. I would recommend taking the time to check out the Boeing factory if you’re in Seattle. Didn’t really get much else done as I only really had one extra day in Seattle, but there was a parade which I opted to avoid as it sucks doing those types of things by yourself.

I did manage to catch the Simpsons movie, was funny and the crowd in Seattle really got into the movie. I’d recommend seeing it if you are at all a Simpsons fan, but don’t expect too much of anything new in fact they recycle many items from the series.

Life in Guelph is better all the time, just before I left for Seattle my new appliance arrived and where properly setup. So now I can actually do some grocery shopping. Also come September our company will be moving into brand new offices, which will bring further fun into work and life in Guelph.

Next weekend I am off to Europe for a week and this week I’m swapped with project work, so anyone back in Guelph who I’ve not called or met up with in the last few weeks I apologize as haven’t been in Guelph much and when I am it is either working or sleeping. I’m still planning on a party for end of August or sometime in September and I you know when that is happening and hope we can all meet up then.


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