Toppers Pizza Guelph

Sunday, June 17

Toppers Pizza Guelph

Well I’ve found a very good pizza place here in Guelph called Toppers Pizza. If you are a local you have probably well aware of this place but for me it took 2 months before I was introduced to its wonderful pizza. Toppers Pizza does pickup and of course home delivery and it cost less then $18 for a large 5 toping pizza delivered.

They have an official website but it’s a pain to use, ok not as bad as Mc Donald’s site in Singapore but bad enough that the only thing worth mentioning is the online booking option While the online ordering system is a little daunting it does mean if you really are a nerd and do nothing but use the Internet for dating, chatting with friends, playing games, you can now even order you food without any really human interaction.

As for the pizza, it is far better then their website. Nice fresh toppings with nothing overcooked and they give choice of crust. This is something that’s really cool as I love garlic bread and with the garlic crust option I no longer need to order the bread on the side. The pizza is good size and they have a wide range of toppings, even had shrimp added to my pizza.

Other then Toppers I have been eating a lot downstairs at the penny whistle and will give a review of them also in the time to come.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say pssshhha to Toppers. Maybe that is just because I am a Guelph girl at heart or perhaps because I have never had a Toppers pizza that I enjoyed. I would have to say that Mega Pizza on MacDonell downtown would have to be my favorite pizza place in Guelph. Personally I would like to offer up the tomato and broccoli – it is to die for. While I was living in the states it was the one thing I always craved. I also tend to get kind of nostalgic when ever I drive by – thinking about all the nights after the bar when we stopped for a slice to nibble on the way home. Even now – older, wiser and eating less pizza – I will still go out of my way to order from there.

Just my 2 cents though.


Steven said...

I've tried Toppers and Mega. Mega is definitely better, but the best hands down was Titos Pizza on Dovercliff.

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