Thomas DVD Movie Rental

Saturday, May 12

Thomas DVD Movie Rental

This weekend is my first one in my new home and thanks for Thomas Movie Rental it has become a movie weekend. The location of my new home, 2 Quebec Street, not only has a lot of great restaurants it also is less then 5 minutes walk to the video store.

So today I got a membership at Thomas Entertainment CD & Movie Rentals and picked up 6 great movies to get me through the weekend.

While the video store is not easy to find things in yourself, it does have a couple great employee's that know where things are. So ask if you can't find something as movies are not organized alphabetically and there are a couple sections for each type of movie, yes it is as confusing as it sounds.

They also have a websites, while not fully working it does have some tools and information. the website is and the Thomas Video Rentals phone number is (519) 822-1451 and their address is: 60 Baker St. Guelph. Open 10am to 10pm daily.


Takhys said...

Aww, shucks! It's always nice to come across someone speaking well of you. I'm the day shift girl at Thomas Video, so if you're ever in from 10-4, please say hi!

Oh, and one other thing, I know the website is a bit psychedelic and terribly out of date. We're trying to push Ian, the boss, to get someone to update it. It's a lot easier just to call us and ask than try to navigate it.

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