Most Unique Mass Transit System

Saturday, March 10

Most Unique Mass Transit System

For those of you who haven't been to Hong Kong, this story will be of interest to you. As in Hong Kong they have come up with a very unique and useful mass transit system.

While lots of cities have implemented trains, buses, and shuttle services I think Hong Kong is the only city to install moving walkways & escalators within its downtown core to move people to and from work. Yup in Hong Kong instead of getting into a bus or a train and heading off to work you just simple stand still and let the escalators take you where you want to go. Another nice feature is there is no cost to use them, but maybe in the coming years you would have to put a 10 cent toll to enter, hehe the subway of the future.

I am enjoying my time in Hong Kong and it helps me remember that while there is a lot of money here in Asia it is really not for me. As with a little too many people and way to much variation in wealth within one place can make a lot of upset/grumpy people.


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